Banking and Financing

Our Banking and Financing Practice encompasses experienced lawyers and business professionals well acquainted with large banking and financing transactions. Our team members have coordinated large investment projects developed by private equity or strategic investors in a multitude of industries (e.g. energy, IT, banking, leasing, production and service provision sectors). Our expertise extends both to the crediting operations provided by financing institutions, but also to the financing granted by International Financing Institutions or other similar entities to banking/ non-banking institutions and leasing companies. Our experience in such projects exceeds the Romanian borders as we have advised on financing transactions successfully completed throughout the South East European Region.

We have enjoyed negotiations for sophisticated transactions (e.g. syndicated loans, ISDA agreements, refinancing projects, leasing transactions). We have built a strong expertise in negotiating such financing or refinancing for companies active in various sectors as well as restructuring of existing debts. At the same time, we have completed a multitude of project / asset financing transactions for large real estate and construction projects, for leveraged acquisition projects, for energy related projects, factory development and other similarly complex projects.

The assistance provided by our Banking and Financing Practice covers all types of regulatory issues (being well familiar with the authorities’ views and practices) and extends from the drafting of the financing documents (e.g. the memoranda of understanding/ term sheets, financing agreements, security deeds, subordination deeds and other ancillary documents) throughout their negotiation all the way to the implementation of such deeds. Apart from project based assistance, we advise borrowers, banks, non-banking financial institutions and leasing companies on matters related to compliance, corporate governance and other day-to-day activities.

We know that the financing part is regularly only the facilitating component of a larger project; therefore, we handle the financing aspects in light of their implications on the future milestones of the project (i.e. we do not look only into the legal implications, but we consider all tax and regulatory consequences as well as the future stakeholders’ interest). Our experience helps us identify the relevant elements to be factored in, what may constitute sensitive points and how to overcome the inherent hurdles in order to smoothen the path towards successful completion of the broader project.